BagVac helps Augean North Sea Services shift 200 tonnes of cement powder

Faced with needing to remove 200 tonnes of waste cement powder from a silo at one of its quayside facilities in Aberdeen, leading oil and gas service company Augean North Sea Services (ANSS) hired a DISAB BagVac to do the job of helping remove and bag up the material.

ANSS is a joint venture between Scomi Oiltools and Augean PLC, specifically created to serve the North Sea oil and gas industry. The purpose of the joint venture is to continue to provide Scomi’s high standard in drilling waste management and with the additional capabilities of Augean in hazardous and radioactive waste management, to further develop services in the North Sea waste market, providing innovative waste management solutions to all waste streams derived from North Sea exploration, production and DECOM activities.

Dealing with 200 tonnes of cement powder removal

ANSS operations supervisor Ewan Smith oversaw the cement powder removal operation and was impressed by the suction power of the DISAB BagVac, as he explained, “We’re used to seeing the big truck-mounted Vacloader in action, but for a small portable unit that a forklift can carry, the BagVac had lots of suction power and was more than capable of sucking out the 200 tonnes of waste cement powder into one tonne bags for safe onward disposal.

He continued, “Our main problem was keeping up with it as once full, each bag had to be closed up, removed by a forklift and replaced with another bag to take the next load.”

ANSS has a DISAB Vacloader as well

ANSS is unusual in that the company normally uses one of its two DISAB Centurion Vacloaders for cleaning out tanks and storage spaces, primarily of the huge oil and gas rig support ships. This is a uniquely capable industrial vacuum ‘suck and blow’ tanker that generates 90%+ vacuum efficiency, and with up to 200 kW power on tap from its separate Caterpillar diesel engine, the DISAB Vacloader will shift any kind of dry or wet material up an 8’ suction hose into its capacious 8 tonne tippable tank.

A fully flexible hose boom combined with flexible suction hoses and pipes makes almost all areas and spaces accessible, and its low noise level makes the Vacloader ideal for busy areas with noise regulations, or where there are residential areas nearby. While this uniquely capable waste handling machine could have been used for clearing up to 10 tonnes of cement at a time, the need to drop it into one tonne bags meant it was more efficient to use a DISAB BagVac to deal with the waste cement powder, and use the two Vacloaders for ANSS’s Industrial Services department’s normal marine vessel cleaning operations.

How does the BagVac compare?

By comparison, the DISAB BagVac offers fast, fully enclosed and dust-free material collection in a stationary situation, either in combination with a centralised pipework system or using the BagVac’s own flexible suction hoses. Its high performance and rate of vacuum efficiency is achieved via the BagVac’s side channel exhauster, enabling long suction distances – 180 feet and more – and fast recovery rates.

An integral hopper of 0.5 m3 capacity fitted with a 250 mm chute for discharge into large capacity or euro-bags means fast and fully enclosed material recovery, and its filter assembly requires only minimal maintenance. It’s easily manœuvred as well, as an operative only needs to use a standard forklift truck or crane to take the BagVac around a site.

DISAB means excellent equipment, and now local support for Scotland as well

Ewan summarised his opinion of the BagVac in the following way, “The BagVac is an excellent piece of vacuum-based waste handling equipment for dealing with anything from small dust vacuuming to, in this case, bulk handling upwards of 200 tonnes of waste cement powder, with real advantages for its size even compared to its much bigger brother the Vacloader”

With the recent appointment of Alan Donaldson to oversee and support its customers in Scotland, Augean North Sea Services can be assured of top service from DISAB UK whenever it calls.