Two big custom valves in a hurry

European Gate Valves were approached in February 2014 to submit a tender for a project that was about to start as the intended bidder after 12 months design, negotiation and consultation told the customer at the last minute they could not meet the deadline set. They were given a fixed delivery date and budget to work with and very little time to design two big custom gate valves and deliver them on time.

The valves were destined for a Lincolnshire based Energy from Waste plant, where they were to be inserted between the Post Combustion Chamber and a brand new Ash Conveyor. The process conditions required that the valves operate up to a maximum temperature of 600°C, hydraulic actuation/powerpack, inlet opening of 2500mm x 600mm, stainless steel internals, no rollers, supports or guides and actuate with a maximum of 3 tons of ash/refactory lining on the gate which could fall from up to 10 meters. The two valves were required to be delivered in 8 weeks, just in time for the planned shutdown to install the ash conveyor.

European Gate Valves took up the challenge and very quickly designed a valve to meet the requirements of the customer, delivered on time and hopefully under budget; taking on other people’s projects at the last minute presents a number of unknowns but with 22 years of experience in manufacturing custom, high temperature valves the company were sure they could successfully deliver on time and budget.

The valves they designed were a divergence from what the previous supplier had envisaged and European Gate Valves designed a cantilever gate valve with rollers above the gate, sliding on a greased saddle; this design ensured that there was no equipment in the product flow. Each valve has two gates, each with its own hydraulic ram giving a closing force of 4 tons. The primary reasons for choosing two gates instead of one large 2500mm x 600mm gate were

  1. Lessen any distortion in the gate caused by temperature and
  2. spreading the potential 3 ton load across two gates and two actuators.

All the internal contact surfaces are 304L stainless steel due to its enhanced properties in aqueous environments.

The company supplied the valves with a hydraulic powerpack that allowed both valves each having two hydraulic rams to be actuated independently and also having an emergency failover where one pump on the powerpack could be used to power both valves while spare parts were sourced.

The valves were successfully delivered during the shutdown and immediately taken off the lorry and installed.

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