GEA introduces its new range of large inlet rotary valves for uninterrupted powder flow

GEA has now launched its new range of large inlet rotary valves for food and dairy powder products. The new valve has been designed specifically for applications that require an uninterrupted powder flow through the valve.

The design angle of the throat of the valve inlet is critical in these applications as any interruption to the flow can cause bridging especially when handling products that do not flow well. Applications include: spray dryers, cyclones, and dust collection or recovery systems where throughput is not the deciding factor but fine product can bridge and restrict flow.

The heavier wall thickness of the GEA stainless steel castings makes sure that the valve body is rigid and will not flex under the most demanding conditions. This inherent rigidity further reduces the risk of flexing and the possible contact between the rotor and the body which can result in contamination of the product. .

The new valves are available in sizes ranging from 200mm to 300mm diameter for the CV500 model and from 300mm to 350mm for the CV750 model. All feature a 10-vane rotor design for better pressure differential containment; are available with options for Ezy-Slide demounting for efficient cleaning and maintenance; and can be fitted with GEA’s latest Generation 3 RDS system (Rotor Detection System) that helps guard against product contamination. A 12-vane rotor, with an upgraded end-plate fastening, is available for applications that require full explosion containment.