IFC Inflow first choice to supply yet another bottom loading skid

With the ever growing demand for winter fuels, bottom loading skids are vastly improving the working conditions and enabling faster distribution of oil products.

South West based Mitchell & Webber were looking to expand their distribution with the acquisition of a new site in Tiverton, Devon.

For over 100 years, Mitchell & Webber have been supplying heating oil across both Cornwall & Devon. They also provide additional home heating support services including boiler servicing and domestic oil storage tanks for homes in Devon, Cornwall & surrounding areas.

Sales growth is expected with winter fuel demands and to meet that growth they were keen to mirror operations and improve customer service with the addition of an all new bottom-loading skid at Tiverton.

The model of choice was the mechanical ADP100-3 4in 3 arm model, due to the positive experience this model has already shown on another existing distribution site for the company.

The AD series bottom loading skids from IFC are proven designs with the added benefit of optional electronic batch control.

IFC skids are suitable for all ATEX zone one hazardous areas offering a trouble free service to both firm and tanker operator.

The ADP100 series bottom loading skids offer:

  • 1600 L/min flow rates
  • BLA445 series spring balanced bottom loading arms.
  • 4in  Acuflow positive displacement flowmeters
  • Veeder Root mechanical preset, counter & ticket printer
  • 11KW ultra high speed pumps

Beyond that, a seven-point safety system incorporates vapour recovery, earthing, and monitoring of the tanker, with auto shut down features ensuring maximum safety. In addition, vapour return and venting is fully integrated with an overfill protection, combined with pressure relief and batch control.

A skid-mounted emergency shutdown button assures that risks are minimized for operators during tanker loading operations.

For operational convenience, a weather canopy was supplied, protecting both operators and machinery from the elements that the winter spell brings.

The new site was able to be supplied with the top of the range, bottom-loading skid unit within budget, fully installed within a timeframe allowing for distribution to start as soon the Tiverton site opened for business.

Managing director of Mitchell and Webber – Robert Weedon commented “We commissioned the first IFC skid unit and from then on it worked without fault. I was so impressed that we had no reservations in placing an order for a second skid- truly a well-built, reliable piece of vital equipment.”

More details about IFC Inflow’s products and services can be found on the company’s website: www.inflow.co.uk