JACOB (UK) QuickConnect Modular Pipework

JACOB QuickConnect is the modern solution for custom designed and built modular pipework with easily connected bends, segments and pipe sections, manufactured in 1-3mm thicknesses, all with pressure tight connections.

Each component has a machine-lipped end which, when fitted with a specially designed “U” shaped gasket and Quick-Connect pull-ring, creates a 3-bar overpressure certified connection.

Air movement within a JACOB pipeline is enhanced with the smooth-pressed bends,which assist airflow with the minimum of resistance. Accessories include inspection doors, visualisation ducts, diverters, product-control and air-control valves, all manufactured to high tolerances.

JACOB (UK) has over forty years experience of designing and supplying modular pipework systems for the bulk handling industry. With standard diameters from 60mm to 1600mm in galvanised or stainless-steel and powder coated finishes, JACOB cater for all types of pipework installation.

Visit www.jacob-uk.com or telephone 01694 722841