Bulk Materials Handling 

JACOB (UK) QuickConnect Modular Pipework

JACOB QuickConnect is the modern solution for custom designed and built modular pipework with easily connected bends, segments and pipe sections, manufactured in 1-3mm thicknesses, all with pressure tight connections. Each component has a machine-lipped end which, when fitted with a specially designed “U” shaped gasket and Quick-Connect pull-ring, creates a 3-bar overpressure certified connection. Air movement within a JACOB... Read More

Spiroflow’s conveying equipment ensures instant (coffee) benefits

Maintaining the quality and consistency of ingredients while in transit through a factory environment is vital to ensure that the end product is in mint condition for packaging and distribution, which is why a leading hot beverages supplier turned to a conveying system from Spiroflow. The company, which packs instant, roast and ground coffee for most of the major high... Read More

850 pound Polar Bear transported via FedEx

The Saint Louis Zoo has announced that Kali (pronounced "Cully”), a 2 ½-year-old, 850-pound male polar bear that was orphaned in Alaska as a cub, is now resting comfortably in the Zoo’s new McDonnell Polar Bear Point exhibit. Kali’s transportation from Rochester, New York, to St. Louis was donated by FedEx. The Saint Louis Zoo’s veterinarian and animal care staff... Read More

4 Reasons Not To Use Butterfly Valves When Handling Dry Material

Not Designed for Dry Material Butterfly valves are not designed to handle dry bulk solids. They were designed for gas and liquid applications. The abrasiveness of dry bulk solids erodes away on butterfly valves to the point where they no longer properly seal and need to be replaced. Disk Impedes Material Flow Stream The butterfly valve design places the valve’s disc... Read More
Bulk Materials Handling 

British Salt employees praise DISAB’s CompVac™

Tata Chemicals-owned British Salt, which is the UK's leading manufacturer of pure dried vacuum salt products, has been using a DISAB CompVac™ in its Middlewich plant to provide the most effective and efficient cleaning and waste removal solution yet used. One of the most modern and eco-efficient plants of its type in Europe, Middlewich is geared around manufacturing products which... Read More

RDS achieves ‘self verification’ status

RDS Technology is delighted to announce that they have received accreditation for their LOADMASTER a100. The LOADMASTER a100 is a ‘legal for trade’ weigher enabling product to be sold from the printed ticket. Typically fitted to a wheeled loading shovel, the LOADMASTER  a100 effectively transforms the loader into a mobile weighbridge which conforms to class Y(b) levels of accuracy (and OIML... Read More

All Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

Posi-flate has introduced an inflatable seated butterfly valve with a highly polished 316 stainless steel housing and disc. It is suitable for many applications, such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical, and is available sizes from 2” (50mm) to 20” (500mm). The inflatable seat design of the Posi-flate butterfly valve provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the... Read More
Sensors & Level Measurement 

Narrow success for solids radar level sensor

Unique solution provided with contactless radar level sensor A non contact bulk solids radar sensor with 120m range? You think this would be featuring an application with measurement over many tens of metres. However, one of the first successful applications for the new VEGAPULS 69 - the latest generation of bulk solids level sensors - demonstrates its great versatility. At... Read More

CDE boast apprentice of the year finalist

L-R James Kee CDE Global Pete Snodden Host and Sean Kerr CDE Global at Apprentice of the Year Final James Kee, an engineering apprentice with CDE Global in Cookstown, recently made the finals of the Apprentice of the Year Awards. The Awards are organised by the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) to recognise the achievements of those currently undertaking apprenticeship... Read More
Bulk Materials Handling 


Terex Port Solutions (TPS) has launched its new generation Liftace™ 5-31 reach stacker, which is the first of five new machines to be introduced by TPS in the next few months. The launch of the Liftace™ 5-31 reach stacker will be followed by the introduction of four new Stackace™ empty container handlers in the near future. The new products combine the strengths... Read More