RDS offers extended Productivity Data Management Portfolio for Quarry and Gravel Pit Applications

The RDS Technology product portfolio for Quarry and Gravel Pit productivity management offers a suite of high-precision measuring and productivity tools which allow the Productivity Manager to maximise the efficiency and profitability of his site.

THE RDS LOADMASTER ALPHA 100, LOADEX 100 and iSOSYNC pc software (also available as a downloadable app) increase the efficiency of the load-out operation, batching and blending and stock movement.

RDS iSOSYNC allows the excavator operator to directly transfer information on the volumes of material loaded to a remote office (e.g. face to primary crusher)

iSOSYNC also allows the Productivity Manager to send jobs via the LOADMASTER ALPHA 100 on-board weighing system in real time from his or her remotely located office using GPS/ 3G/ Wi-Fi and to receive back the resultant load information.

When the customer trucks arrive on site, the loader operator has immediate visibility of the job information on the screen of his LOADMASTER ALPHA 100.

He knows from the screen which product he has to load, which product bay to get it from, how many tonnes or kilos of product he has to load and the numberplate of the truck into which the product needs to be loaded.

He also knows which customer the product is going to.

The site manager also has visibility of the operator’s screen from outside the vehicle, using the iSOSYNC App on his mobile device.

While the operator is loading the truck, his LOADMASTER screen tells him the weight of product loaded, the remaining target and number of buckets.

The unique tip-off feature allows him to whittle the final bucket volume down to exactly the right amount so the truck is loaded accurately the first time. Saving time and money.

Once the driver has completed his job, he presses the Clear button on the LOADMASTER to submit the load data directly to the office. Immediate data transfer.

The truck driver takes his ticket from the ICP300 in cab printer and drives away with minimal delays, secure in the knowledge that the LOADMASTER ALPHA 100 is trade approved for commercial transactions.

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