Remote Monitoring Solutions from Hosokawa Micron Get More out of Your Plant

Hosokawa Micron Ltd’s latest, Machine to Machine (M2M) Remote Monitoring initiative can help manufacturers monitor industrial plant and equipment to deliver production cost savings, improve product quality and equipment performance and predict potential equipment failure enabling timely and efficient preventative maintenance.

‘This technology and the skills we can offer customers for improving production are relevant to both Hosokawa equipment and that of other OEMs. The expected customer benefits from improved remote condition monitoring and support are faster resolution of problems, decreased equipment downtime and more efficient operation of the plant and equipment,’ explains Iain Crosley, Managing Director, Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

Utilising a unique condition monitoring solution that monitors data 24/7 from key sensors on processing equipment, combined with specialist analytical software to manage the data from site based measurements, we can establish a series of automatic alerts to site personnel or remote technical support teams in the event of data presenting outside preset, optimal equipment running parameters.

Mobile app technology (Android/iOS) provides real time displays, alarms and guided workflows for diagnosing and troubleshooting the cause of out of limits data enabling prompt remedial action which is key to getting the best performance possible from existing plant and equipment and importantly generating a rapid return on investment.

A ‘proof of concept’ system is in operation at Hosokawa Micron’s Runcorn, Toll Processing plant, for manufacturers keen to see for themselves the benefits that Remote Monitoring can offer.

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