STEDI-COIL™Vibratory Conveyor

The Kraus Stedi-Coil Vibratory Conveyor Series 907 is a natural frequency vibratory conveyor which uses very little energy to convey at high rates. It can convey almost any material such as sand, metal chips, salt, potato chips, metal castings, wooden boxes, metal scrap and more. The Kraus Stedi-Coil conveyor uses heavy duty rocker arms and robust coil springs along with an eccentric drive to move material gently, yet very efficiently, in a horizontal direction – even over long distances. The heavy duty design can take high impact loads. Optional conveyor decks can be replaceable and made of abrasion resistant steel and even heated, if required. High conveying rates up to and exceeding 400 tons per hour are normal and stainless steel or mild steel construction is available.

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