Haulage truck manufacturer drives down component cleaning time thanks to Ultrawave

Off-highway haulage truck maker, TerexTrucks, has halved the time it takes to clean vehicle components by employing ultrasonic cleaning technology from British company, Ultrawave. Motherwell-based TerexTrucks, builds both rigid and articulated haulage trucks utilised in mining and quarrying applications. Rotary spray washers were previously used to clean heavy brake and differential components as part of the manufacturing process. High cleanliness... Read More
Bulk Materials Handling 

Keeping bulk solids material on the move with Sonic Soot Blowers

Donald F Cameron, Managing Director Primasonics® and Quattrosonics®   So what are Sonic Soot Blowers? They are pneumatically operated horns that produce low frequency – high energy sound waves. These sound waves are produced when compressed air enters the Wave Generator and forces the only moving part, a titanium diaphragm, to flex. Sonic Soot Blowers are employed wherever ash, dust,... Read More