The Fire Gate

European Gate Valves have supplied a Fire Gate and Failsafe to an South Wales  Cement Plant.  The Fire Gate is a specialised high temperature isolation gate handling sustained kiln side temperatures of up to 1000°C.

The plant came to European Gate Valves with a problem that their current high temperature isolation gate on the kiln feed line was jamming every time it operated.  Unjamming such a large gate with extreme temperatures brings its own unique set of problems.  Also their current isolation gate did not have any mechanism to automatically shut when plant pneumatics or power failed. Given the critical nature of this isolation gate on the kiln side this presented a huge risk to the feed stock should the kiln pressurise.

European Gate Valves have a wealth of experience manufacturing high temperature isolation gates for a variety of applications.  Each Fire Gate is designed and custom made to the customer’s requirements, with a cast gate, stainless steel construction and actuation to suit.  The Fire Gates are manufactured with enough tolerance to expand during their temperature absorption, so as to not jam during operation once at 1000°C.  The importance of a cast gate cannot be overstated; standard rolled plate will bend and warp under such high absorbed temperature and jam during operation, therefore a cast gate is the only choice for this application.

European Gate Valves supplied a pneumatic Failsafe with the Fire Gate to slam shut the isolation gate upon losing plant pneumatics or electrical power.  The Failsafe consists of an air reservoir and pneumatics panel.  The pneumatics panel can be for a single gate or up to four gates.  Depending upon the size and type of actuation, the air reservoir and panel can be mounted on the gate itself or supplied separately to be wall mounted.

The supplied Fire Gate Features:


Rated for sustained temperatures up to 1000°C


Double Cylinders

  • 3 tons of closing force
Cast AU297 Gate

  • Less distortion at higher temperature with cast gates
Stainless Steel Construction

  • 310, 304

  • Valve weight  750 kg
  • Gate weight  210 kg
  • 4000mm length overall, open
Failsafe Features:

  • 100lt reservoir
  • Pneumatics Panel
  • Slam shut on pneumatics failure

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