Vibratory conveyors and feeders from Mogensen

Mogensen manufactures an extensive range of vibratory conveyors and feeders. The designs, based on more than 60 years of experience in the field of vibration engineering, extend from light-duty, stainless steel units for use in the processing of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals up to the heavy-duty, heat-resistant machines used, for instance, in foundries and incinerator plants. Trough conveyors are usually custom-made to suit individual applications and are powered by twin Invicta rotary electric vibrators. They are available in either open or fully dust-proofed versions with or without wear-or heat- resistant liners. The company also offers tubular, vibratory conveyors in either mild- or stainless-steel execution. Internal diameters range from 200mm to 609mm; lengths vary from 2 to 6 metres between inlet and outlet centres. These versatile, inherently dust-tight machines may be linked together using flexible, dust-proof connectors, either in a straight line or angled to fit plant layout needs. They are also driven by twin Invicta vibrator motors, and, together with Invicta electronic variable speed controllers, can deliver easily adjustable feed rates. Throughput capacities extend from a few kilograms per hour up to 300tph (based on a bulk density of 1.6 tonnes/m³).

The Mogensen vibratory feeder range starts with the simple, inexpensive Type SR1 machine, which is driven by a single, rear-mounted Invicta vibrator motor. Trough widths up to 1000mm are available and offer capacities up to 160tph depending on the bulk density of the feed material. The heavier Type TR1 feeders are driven by twin rear-mounted Invicta vibrators and are suitable for variable speed control. Trough widths extend up to 1000mm; throughput capacities reach about 300tph depending on the size of machine and the feed bulk density. The feeder range also includes the heavy-duty Type TS machines, which are available in three different construction weights and trough widths up to 2.5m. Capacities are up to about 800tph. These machines are driven by two side-mounted Invicta vibrators, and are also suitable for variable speed operation. Of particular note are Mogensen’s spreader feeders, which accept a flow of material from a relatively narrow source and distribute it evenly across a wider item of process equipment. Spreads of up to 3 metres are possible. Machines, which spread a narrow feed efficiently and evenly across two or more following machines, are also available.

Replaceable stainless-steel, rubber, hard metal, ceramic and adhesion-resistant liners are available for all feeders and conveyors. Some models of machine are available with heated bases for the non-stick handling of damp clays and damp, fine stone.

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