Hosokawa Micron Ltd Reveal the Secrets of Improving Plant Performance

Materials processors and manufacturers can now see for themselves how they can improve the performance of their plant and operations thanks to Hosokawa Micron’s new Performance Improvement Service’s on-line reference facility that intimately reveals a plant’s operating status.

Utilising a unique condition monitoring solution, from partner company XpertRule Software Ltd, that monitors data 24.7 from key sensors on processing equipment within Hosokawa’s toll processing facility at Runcorn, plant managers are now able to see a practical demonstration of how even small adjustments to equipment settings, material feeds etc can affect plant performance.

Able to highlight and identify in real time, individual actions and their consequences, the new on-line demo facility gives customers a unique understanding and appreciation of plant and process improvement options that are clear, concise and recognisably relevant to their own plant.

‘By installing the latest monitoring and analysis technologies on one of our own existing milling plants within our toll processing facility at Runcorn we are free to showcase the technologies and skills we can offer customers for improving production from Hosokawa equipment,’ explains Iain Crosley, Managing Director, Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

The installed system provides users with advanced user displays capable of running on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as a Cloud based production monitoring and reporting system. The system also provides remote access to plant operating data for Hosokawa site personnel.

‘The expected customer benefits from improved remote condition monitoring and support are faster resolution of problems, decreased equipment downtime and more efficient operation of the plant and equipment. This new demonstration facility means our engineers can engage with customers in a practical way that clearly shows potential improvements available from even relatively simple corrective actions.

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