Bulk Materials Handling

IBIS – Moduflex Loading Chutes

The company Tata Chemicals needed equipment for dust free outloading of a soda product into tanker trucks. The solution was the supply of a Cimbria Moduflex loading chute of the type H300.

The loading chute has a modular construction which enables easy modification and repairs with a minimum of downtime.

The loading chute is designed for connection to an external filter station. For optimal separation of dust and extraction air the chute is supplied with internal overlapping guide cones in steel.

Due to the product characteristics the chute is supplied with a heavy duty tanker truck outlet covered with white Remaline food stuff approved rubber and outer modules in Vinyplan Food grade material.

The chute outlet is equipped with a mechanical FlexClose for sealing off the chute outlet in order to avoid dust emission when the loading chute is being retracted.

A vibration rod indicator is fitted inside the chute outlet for preventing the

tanker truck from overfilling. Furthermore, the chute is equipped with a FlexVib, a vibrator that is activated after the loading process has stopped in order to reduce the residue material settling in the chute.

For Further information Contact Ibis  :-  www.ibis-int.co.uk


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