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Linde unleashes powerful new electric tow tractors and platform trucks

A new range of powerful electric tow tractors and platform trucks is arriving on the UK market from leading materials handling solutions provider, Linde.

These innovative vehicles are designed to meet the demanding efficiency and safety requirements of automotive and other large manufacturing companies, airport operators and a wide range of other applications

The electric tractors in the new Linde P120 to P350 series offer models with towing capacities of 12 to 35 tonnes. Despite their compact dimensions they can pull heavy trailers loaded with production parts or haul airport baggage trains over long distances coping effortlessly with slopes and gradients. The new range offers a choice of four different models with towing capacities of 12, 18, 25 and 35 tonnes based on 3 different wheelbases depending on capacity.

In addition to the four capacities of tow tractor, this range includes two platform tractor models, W20 and W30, able to transport loads of 2 or 3 tonnes on the rear platform as well as towing trailers of up to six tonnes in weight at the same time.

The new range has been completely redesigned in terms of both performance and ergonomics, yielding significant enhancements for all users. As well as the additional vibration isolation provided by the new axle suspension system and the isolated and suspended cabin, Sandra Karras, Product Manager Warehouse Technology, adds: “ …. the vehicles have even greater endurance over longer distances.”

Thanks to their powerful AC motors, the tractors can negotiate ramps, gradients and long distances quickly and reliably at speeds of up to 25 km/h. All variants can be powered by either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries with hydrogen fuel cells as a further option. Lateral or vertical battery changing allows trucks with spare batteries to cope with extended or multiple shifts.

Extensive safety features along with powerful drive technology provide enhanced driving comfort for operators as well as delivering fast and safe goods handling.

Safety features such as three independent braking systems, Linde Curve Control which automatically reduces speed in relation to steering lock and the gradient control option to prevent the tractor accelerating downhill, ensure both operator and load security.   Other safety equipment includes door lock sensors, a protective grille for the rear window, emergency stop switches at the rear for safety when linking up to a trailer, double mirrors on the doors, lighting solutions for all-round visibility and Linde BlueSpot to warn co-workers of vehicles manoeuvring in restricted areas.

Long-term durability is assured by a solid metal shield at the front allied to anti-collision protection members at the side and rear to withstand accidental impacts,

The design of the tractors meets the regulations and standards applying to highly sensitive environments such as production flow lines or airports and can be easily register for use on public highways when towing suitably equipped trailers.

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