‘M’ Series Metering Screw Feeders

Metering Screw Feeders are specially designed to continuously dose materials, from harsh granules to fine powders, at a constant volume to high accuracies. The feeder is made up of a feeder body, complete with rotating agitator and various control functions which provide constant or intermittent feeding to suit the nature of the products being handled. The agitator manipulates the product to a uniform density and breaks any bridges that may form in the feeder body. The product is administered into an auger screw, which can be rotated at variable speeds, ensuring accurate metering at a constant volume of 1% to 2% typically.

Trantec’s metering screw feeders are in operation worldwide, delivering high accuracy powder dosing in all areas of bulk solids. For over twenty years Trantec has served an assortment of industries including:

  • Food, Drinks & Confectionary
  • Seasoning & Flavouring
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Environmental
  • Non-woven
  • Chemical
  • Animal & Pet Foods

We understand one Screw Feeder cannot always meet all customer requirements. Utilising the latest powder dosing technology Trantec’s Metering Screw Feeders can be quickly configured to meet the demands of almost any application.

Whilst modular in design, they are based on Trantec’s core powder metering technology without compromise to quality or build.

Our latest machine is our M-Series Metering Screw Feeder, modular in design adding quick and easy configuration add-on components. Although our Metering Feeders are available as standard, cost-effective base models, a variety of additional features and upgrades can be installed upon request, including:

  • Feed Rates from 20 Grams to 20 Tonnes per hour.
  • An option of motors including servo drives for optimum control.
  • Specially designed Dry Running food grade Shaft Seals.
  • Quick-release / Easy-clean Features.
  • Ranging Storage Capacities.
  • Integrated Weighing Base.
  • Gravimetric, Loss-in-weight and Gain-in-weight controls.
  • Independently Driven Product Agitator.
  • A selection of stainless Polishes and Finishes including mirror finish.

Selection of the correct Metering Screw Feeder configuration is essential for achieving optimum performance and accuracy. Trantec offer a free, comprehensive product testing service to all our clients. Upon completion of testing, we will provide you with a report, detailing our findings and our recommendations for trouble-free feeding. Alternatively, customers can witness material trials first-hand or request a video with your report.

For more information Tel: 01282 777566 or send an email to sales@trantec.info.