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Mantsinen 200M HybriLift promises greater handling productivity

A new mobile crane, that’s revolutionising the way goods are unloaded at ports has been launched in the UK and Ireland to offer operators unrivalled efficiency and flexibility.

The Mantsinen 200M HybriLift has the longest reach of any piece of wheel-mounted hydraulic materials handling equipment and is now available exclusively through materials handling specialists, Cooper Handling Group and offers a range of productivity benefits over traditional rope-based systems.

With a maximum reach of 40m and a maximum lift capacity of 50 tonnes, the Mansinen 200M HybriLift will productively load and discharge 36 tonnes at 20 metres outreach and  is arguably the most versatile port or industrial crane on the market and represents the latest evolution of a concept that’s already well established in continental Europe.

In modern day ports overseas, material handlers are the default choice for operators looking for the most cost effective and efficient discharge and loading of vessels.

David Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Handling, explained: “The origins of material handlers can be found in re-arranged construction-based excavators and this concept remains the norm today in smaller industrial applications. For ports however, materials handlers are still evolving with demands for yet greater capacities and longer reaches.

“Mantsinen, identifying the restrictions with proprietary excavators have led the way with purpose-built materials handlers are reaping the rewards with a design programme that yields larger machines on the widest range of differing undercarriages.

“None is more representative of this than the 200M just launched in the UK. Whilst these large machines represent a norm based on tracks, the 200M is believed to be the first of such size based on wheels. ”

This massive machine, weighing in at over 240 tonnes can be supplied with a boom and stick configuration with a maximum horizontal reach of 40 metres. However, typical applications will see it lifting 36 tonnes at 20m outreach.

Cycle times remain much the same, resulting in charging and discharge rates of circa 1200 tonnes per hour on solids and 1500 tonnes per hour on bulk.

Designed with five twin steering axles, three of which provide motive power, the front and rear axles work in opposite directions to provide maximum manoeuvrability. A travel speed at 5kph is also favourable compared to track-based alternatives whilst the 200M has sufficient capacity and reach to bring laden container handling into the scope of material handlers. Cycles of 50 to 60 containers per hour compare favourably with reach stackers, which will operate at circa 25 containers per hour maximum.

The 200M is also available in electric variant and is supplied, as standard, with the patented Mantsinen HybriLift® energy recovery system which will save 35% in fuel.

Mr Cooper added: “In August 2014, two of these machines were delivered to Belgium with a third currently on order. In operation it has delivered exceptional productivity and we are delighted to be able to bring this level of performance to the UK and Ireland.”

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