Mogensen Sizers and detergent powder screening

Recently, Mogensen supplied two 3-metre wide Sizers together with matching vibratory spreader feeders to a World renowned detergent manufacturer in their new facility based in India for the screening of detergent powders prior to packaging. This process is necessary to remove the lumps and flakes, which inevitably build up in the spray driers used to produce the powders – both for the sake of the appearance of the product and, more importantly, to ensure that the powders dissolve quickly and fully, and do not cause washing machine blockages.

Mogensen’s involvement with detergent powder screening began in 1969 with successful trials carried out using a half-metre wide Sizer at a major manufacturing site in the North-West of England. The trials were quickly followed by the installation of four half-metre machines at the same works and proved to be the solution for a difficult screening application. Subsequently all of the company’s detergent plants both in the UK and overseas were equipped with Mogensen Sizers. Other detergent powder manufacturers have since followed suit and adopted the Sizer for this process application with the result that it is now standard equipment throughout much of the world.

Each of the two Sizer / feeder units supplied to the plant in India can handle 35tph of powder, a very large volume in view of the extremely low bulk density of detergent powders, and scalp out anything coarser than 1.4mm. The feeders each accept a 1-metre wide supply of powder and spread it out evenly across the 3-metre Sizer width to ensure efficient and constant screening. Each of the four machines is powered by two 6-pole Invicta rotary electric vibrators; each rated at 6630 watts in the case of the Sizers and 2290 watts for the feeders. The necessary electrical control equipment, also manufactured by Invicta controls, was also supplied to give an overall screen package.

Utilised in many industries and applications, Mogensen sizers are excellent at fines removal, de-dusting applications and very effective in the grading of granular materials. The probability effect of the sizer also reduces the occurrence of material pegging of the meshes, a problem that is often found with conventional screens.


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