Presona baler helps leading waste management company on its way to zero waste

One of the UK’s leading waste management companies, Premier Waste now diverts 98.6% of all material from landfill following an overhaul of its baling equipment.

Established for the past 25 years, Birmingham-based Premier Waste specialises in the collection and treatment of waste that cannot be reused or recycled from construction and demolition sites across the UK.

Making use of the 200 tonnes of ‘waste’ material which was previously sent to landfill each day, Premier Waste used this and became a supplier of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) to the UK’s construction Industry. However after this sector took a hit during the economic downturn, Premier Waste sought to become a reliable supplier to the European market and turned to Presona to make this happen.

Mark Jones, Operations Manager at Premier Waste said: “We looked at a number of balers that could produce SRF and Presona was the ‘go-to’ brand. Presona understood our requirements – in the UK SRF is supplied loose but in Europe it needs to be baled.”

After discussing requirements, Presona recommended its LP50 EHF2 ‘string tie’ baler to Premier Waste. Capable of handling 24 tonnes per hour and processing SRF, this baler would also be able to tie the SRF bales for the European market.

The introduction of the baler resulted in Premier Waste scaling down its operating costs. Indeed, polypropylene twine with a high calorific value is now used to bind the bales in favour of traditional steel twine. This has reduced the cost of these consumables by 70% and, with the pre-press, power consumption is reduced by up to 60% over a standard shear baler.

The end users also benefit from the SRF baled in this way. The bales now weigh up to 850kg making them more energy efficient resulting in cost savings for the kiln operator.

“Presona’s baler has had a huge impact on the way we operate. If it was not for this piece of equipment we would not be able to branch out and supply SRF to Europe,” said Mark.

“Material previously classed as ‘waste’ has turned out to be a lucrative, additional stream to our business as well as impacting on our green credentials by diverting this material away from landfill.

“None of this would have been possible were it not for the installation of the Presona baler.”

Presona UK will be exhibiting at this year’s RWM event, 15th – 17th September at the NEC Birmingham. Hall/Stand: 5Q42-R43

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