SWECO Introduces the LA Low Profile Separator

A Single Motor Design That Produces Significantly High Rates

SWECO, a business unit of M-I L.L.C., is pleased to introduce the LA Low Profile Separator. The LA Separator incorporates a single large vertically mounted moswecotor to induce a sifting motion across the screen plane. The frames of the separator are mounted on ‘rubber isolators’ compared to ‘springs’ in conventional low profile and other standard separators. Additionally, the LA Separator runs at higher G loadings and speeds than traditional low profile separators.

This motion proves excellent at sifting lighter products such as flours and starches. Rates of up to eight (8) times that of other conventional low profile separators have been achieved. This is due to the unique sifting action that the single motor design achieves. For some scalping applications, other low profile designs place too much vertical action on the product, greatly reducing the process rate. The LA Separator’s pure horizontal, high G motion increases the capacity of the undersize product passing through the screen while allowing the oversize material to exit the separator.

The SWECO LA Low Profile Separator’s construction is conducive for sanitary applications preferred by most of the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.

SWECO serves the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, minerals, paper and many other industries with a complete line of separation, sizing and milling equipment.

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