Vortex Global provides process solutions for malt producer

Vortex Global Limited, a solids and bulk handling components company, recently consulted with British malt producer Simpsons Malt to provide process solutions for its white malt barley operations. Based in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, United Kingdom, Simpsons Malt is a family-owned company providing premium malt to the brewing, distilling and food industries worldwide.

In 2016, Vortex Global was asked to provide a solution for the transfer of white malt barley from one silo into two sieve units at a rate of 20-40 tonnes/hour, while also minimizing dust. In order to disperse white malt barley between the two outlets, a solution was necessary so that material flow rates could be variably controlled.

Such results were achieved by installing a Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter valve into the existing 200mm square ductwork at Simpsons Malt, where the valve is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) interface.

The valve’s dual actuators can be used to divert or stream material flows, and can also be used to restrict flow in either or both directions. The Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter valve made Simpsons Malt’s operations more efficient, as traditional diverters require material flow to be shut off before redirecting material, often requiring an additional knife gate valve to be installed above a diverter. The sliding blade action of the Gravity Vee Diverter valve serves as a self-cleaning mechanism, removing material and eliminating the problem of material sticking, which is typical of traditional diverter blades.

By selecting the Gravity Vee Diverter valve, Simpsons Malt has eliminated the flow areas where materials can lodge or become trapped in production, thus minimizing their risk of material cross contamination and spoilage.

Vortex Global was also asked to supply Simpsons Malt with a retractable Loading Spout. The application loads white malt barley into open trucks at a rate of 60 tonnes/hour for transport to Simpsons Malt customers.

Simpsons Malt was particularly interested in the retractable Loading Spout’s four-cable hoist drive system. Vortex Global is so confident in its cables – which incorporate custom, CNC-machined three piece cable pulleys and heavy duty idler rollers with sealed bearings – that they offer a 10-year warranty to account for cable wear and tear. If for any reason a hoist cable should break, Vortex’s clever design allows the loading spout to continue functioning with the three remaining cables until repairs can be made.

In order to meet Simpsons Malt’s dust reduction requests, Vortex equipped the auto-retractable Loading Spout with a vinyl-coated polyester dust sleeve. The sleeve assists a discharge skirt, made of neoprene rubber, in containing white malt barley dust at the point of loading. The dust is then suppressed by a pre-existing remote dust collection system through a spigot on the body of the loading spout.

About Vortex Global:

For almost 40 years, Vortex has provided quality slide gates, diverters, iris valves and loading spouts designed specifically for handling dry bulk solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or dense phase applications. Vortex valves and spouts are engineered for dependability, durability, easy maintenance, and offer proven solutions to material handling and process efficiency problems. With an in-house team of engineers, Vortex products can be completely customized for individual applications or special installations.

Tel: +44 (0) 1325 728 577
Email: global@vortexglobal.com
Web: www.vortexglobal.com

About Simpsons Malt:
Simpsons Malt teams employ the long-standing principles that have passed from generation to generation to make the best possible malt. Like the heritage behind the brand, every delivery that leaves its maltings is fully traceable. From the agronomic studies that match certified seeds to their partner farmers’ lands, to the time spent training their hand-picked distributors in the qualities and attributes of their malt, service and quality are all important to Simpsons Malt.

Tel: +44 (0)1289 330033
Email: info@simpsonsmalt.co.uk
Web: www.simpsonsmalt.co.uk

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