Ajax supplies Carbon Black handling system to Hubron International

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading black masterbatch producer, Hubron International, with a system to handle big bags and supply a new extruding line with carbon black. The handling system consists of a screw feeder with Lynflow ribbon flights, hopper featuring Lynflow insert and accommodates the site’s Big Bag Discharger and provides a support beam structure for hoist lifting of bags. The solids handling system supplied is similar to equipment Ajax had previously manufactured for Hubron.

The single span screw effectively transfers the poor flow carbon black to top up a hopper with progressively steepening geometry and includes a Lynflow insert which encourages reliable flow to be achieved with a lower wall angles than a conventional construction. The reed insert vibrates disturbing the material effectively without rattling the hopper. The insert modifies the flow pattern inside the hopper, improving movement of material towards the screw. The hopper construction therefore ensures the extruder has a consistent supply of material.

Commenting Craig Hodgkinson, Operations Director, Hubron International said “Hubron made a rapid decision to invest in additional plant capacity following extended lead times in Q1 2018. Hubron as a manufacturer of black masterbatch for the global market made the £1.5M investment after identifying the availability of processing equipment on a short lead time. The project plans were quickly developed and gave ancillary equipment suppliers a very short lead time to design, build and install equipment.

Ajax was known to Hubron as a preferred supplier following a previous major investment project. Following initial contact Ajax responded well and met the challenging timescales requested. The target date to commencing production from the new line was met despite some last-minute challenges. Overall an excellent effort from all with complete success.”

“Carbon black is a poor flow material and can provide challenges when headroom is tight and elevation is required on transfer equipment. The Ajax system supplied to Hubron draws on our extensive experience as well as our powder testing techniques to provide a reliable design ensuring smooth and steady flow to onward process. Ajax worked collaboratively with Hubron who wanted to re-use a hoist and a big bag discharger as time was short for executing the contract” says Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment.

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