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Memory Lane Cakes Creating Creamy Success with Boone Mixers

Market-leading Memory Lane Cakes in Cardiff, part of the Finsbury Food Group, have replaced old mixing equipment and expanded production capacity with new rotating discharge Horizontal Helical Blade Mixers (HHBM) from John R Boone of Congleton, UK. The HHBM mixers are being used to produce a wide range of cake batters, buttercream fillings and toppings that find their way into... Read More
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Unique Micron Angle Disintegrator Offers Five-a-day Processing

Hosokawa Micron’s unique Angle Disintegrator, with 5-a day, streamlined processing options is helping manufacturers of soups, purées, sauces and dressings meet the market demand for increasingly authentic and quality fruit, vegetable purées and demand for the flavours of exotic and often difficult to handle spices and fruits. This multi-tasking machine offers 5 different processing options in one machine: pulping or... Read More
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FANUC showcases widest range of food handling robots

PPMA Show, Hall 5, Stand C50  Showcasing five different food handling robots, FANUC will present their biggest selection ever at a PPMA show this year. IP67 and IP69K certified robots, will perform palletising and food packing assembly tasks. Delta and articulated arm robots will show high levels of dexterity when handling unpackaged and packaged foods at speeds of up to... Read More
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Smarter mixing of Instant Soups: simple, fast and flexible

 Mixing instant soup Instant soups were first launched some 50 years ago. Initially as an additional product line for vending machines that served tea, coffee and hot chocolate. At that time, the instant soup mixes were largely supplied to the vending machine companies in bulk. The amount of choice was limited and recipes were simple (starch, salt, fat, colourings and... Read More