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Ajax Mixers for Frozen Potato Production at Agristo

Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading European pre-fried and frozen potato product producer, Agristo, with two continuous mixers featuring an enhanced mirror polish finish. The stainless steel Ajax machines will be used to mix grated potato with various additives including flavourings to produce a range of potato products. The 4m long twin screw mixers include profiled covers as... Read More
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New Lightnin Compact Series – Performance with Simplicity

The Lightnin Series 10 and Series 70 mixers are well proven and renowned for their excellent mixing performance, efficiency and reliability. With its new Compact Series, SPX FLOW, Inc. has transferred the innovative Lightnin technology into a more standardized solution for users who require faster availability. The Compact Series mixers are ideal for open tank applications (e.g. municipal, industrial water... Read More
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Ajax announces high volume, compact Silo Cascade Mixer Space saving alternative to conventional conical hoppers

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, announces a new type of silo cascade mixer enabling batch powder processing in squat, square mixing containers in place of tall conventional conical hoppers, for plants where space is limited. The mixer combines mass flow and intake recycling screw technology that minimises power consumption whilst providing efficient mixing. The Ajax silo cascade mixer uses... Read More
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Boone Mixers at Novidon Work Together for Perfect Scale-up

Wrexham-based Novidon have chosen Boone Mixers for both laboratory test and factory production of carboxymethylated starch products, for use in oil and other drilling applications. The performance of the production unit, a 4000 litre Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixer, is accurately modelled in the laboratory by a Boone Universal Lab Mixer. Both mixers feature contraflow paddle blade design, and each is... Read More
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Dinnissen launches All-in-One Mixing concept

New mixing concept saves costs, eliminates contamination, and lifts, tilts, empties, mixes, and fills containers from one location Dinnissen’s new compact and advanced All-in-One Mixing concept lifts, tilts, empties, mixes, and fills containers from one location. In order to design a new mixing concept that is as lean as possible, Dinnissen focused on reducing and simplifying the number of steps... Read More
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Blender Mixes Large Batches with Air

The Blendcon® air blender manufactured by Dynamic Air is one of the fastest, most efficient blenders available for mixing large batches of dry bulk materials. It can typically blend a 300 cubic foot batch in just four minutes and can handle batches up to 200 tons in capacity. By producing large, consistent, homogeneous batches, the Blendcon air blender simplifies material... Read More
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PSL provide Quality and Innovation with the unique CakeStand Tray Dryer

PSL’s CakeStand Tray Dryer is a vacuum drying oven with an innovative hanging shelf design providing enhanced drying for high grade, temperature and oxygen sensitive products. Powder Systems Limited (PSL) launched a few years ago this new tray dryer design to overcome inherent difficulties of traditional vacuum ovens such as poor heat uniformity, difficult cleaning for pharmaceutical grade and GMP... Read More
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Ten top tips when selecting mixers for powder blending

Mixing or blending of powder ingredients is a very common industrial process practiced in many industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, minerals, metals and food. The choice of mixer is extensive and can be confusing but the following may help in narrowing down the final choice. Batch or Continuous One of the first questions to address. Here we look at considerations... Read More
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Fast, High Capacity Precision Mixing

The new Bella XN double shafted Fluidized Zone Mixer by Dynamic Air includes access doors which not only increase accessibility but also make it much easier to clean when necessary. The Bella mixer achieves fast, high capacity, low shear, precision mixing of either dry bulk solids or liquids with solids. Regardless of particle size, shape or density, materials are mixed... Read More