Epoxy Crusher Backing Provides Excellent Impact Resistance

The new LOCTITE® PC 9021 shock-absorbing backing material from Henkel has proven its ability to prolong the service life of gyratory and cone crushers throughout Europe. Now available in the UK, this supremely tough and flexible material minimises downtime and enhances productivity of machinery operating in the harshest of environments.

The epoxy product is designed to flow into all cavities between the outer jacket and upper part of the crusher and between its stand, jaws, supporting cone and inner jacket.  When cured LOCTITE PC 9021 acts as a highly effective reinforcement and damper layer significantly reducing the effects of impact, friction and vibration during the crushing process.  

This technology offers distinct advantages over molten metal backing materials that have been traditionally used for this purpose.  LOCTITE PC 9021 eliminates the need for melting or special equipment which can be hazardous. 

Easy and safe to use, LOCTITE PC 9021 has low water absorption, high compression strength of 107 MPa (15,500 psi) and a shore hardness D rating of 90.  Once mixed, it has an open time of 10 minutes at 25°C and cures to provide maximum impact resistance in 8 hours; maximum operating temperature is 77°C.

This low-odour, two-part LOCTITE epoxy is formulated to provide a colour change indication when the hardening component is added to the resin so the user can see when the product is thoroughly mixed and ready for application. 

The low shrinkage characteristic of LOCTITE PC 9021 eliminates the formulation of gaps between backing and liners or support structures.  This allows for fast return to service and provides maximum impact resistance.

For more information go to: www.henkel-adhesives.co.uk