Farleygreene’s Ultra Hygienic Sack Tip Station

Hampshire, UK – Farleygreene UK manufacturers of industrial sieves, have designed an ultra-hygienic version of their Sievmaster Easilift Sack Tip Station for the food and beverage industries. This new model features a sack tip hood with fewer crevices and externally mounted hinges, the overall design on the Ultra is intended to reduce the risk of bug traps and improve product flow 

Avoiding food contamination and increasing product safety are all key concerns for food and drink manufacturers, and a necessary part of protecting brand reputation. All Farleygreene sieving equipment is constructed using FDA compliant materials, conforms with EC 1935/2004, French ANIA regulations, and is ISO 9001 approved The Easilift Ultra’s hygienic design ensures contamination is more visible and can easily be cleaned, improving product quality and safety.

The Ultra is operator safe, can be stripped down effortlessly without tools, and is designed for low level lifting. The Easilift Ultra design has a fold out sack tip table to aid the user in sack dispensing, as well as forming a hygiene barrier between sanitary and non-sanitary environments. The optional integrated dust extraction system also lowers the risk to the operator associated with airborne dust particles. The redesigned tubular frame greatly reduces flat surfaces to minimise the risks of microbial contamination and increasing accessibility to the underside of the machine for removing connections and cleaning.

A single piece of removable metal detectable gasket creates a seal between the hood and the door – in place of permanent silicone bonding. This quickens gasket changes and eliminates the chance of silicone bonding entering product flow. The Easilift Ultra door has been designed without welding to reduce deformation and provides a flatter sealing surface, ideal for dust suppression and WIP/CIP applications.

The hood design features pneumatically assisted door lifting with quick catch (as standard) and is safety interlock ready. The internal rounded edges and 45-degree product contact surfaces improve flow and minimise residual powder build ups.

Used in combination with the Slimline check screener, the Easilift Ultra can process up to 25kg worth of food powders at once, dispensing into containers, static weigh bins or incorporated into convey systems. Special finishes are also available to deal with individual product flow characteristics and reduce product build up.

Please visit the Easilift Ultra product page for further information and to request a quote. 

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