For small headroom: Pneumatic Dense phase Conveying System Gericke PTA/PHF 20

The advantages of pneumatic dense phase conveying systems are well known. Minimum air consumption, high product loading and throughput, little wear on the piping and preserving the product quality.

Pressure vessels require in general a certain height to be installed, which is not always available. As an alternative, rotary valves are used, with all negative side effects as air leckage, wear and product attrition.

Gericke has developed a small conveying pressure vessel, which, with its 20 liter volume, requires only the headroom of 660 mm!

The smallest sender Gericke PTA/PHF 20 performs although with a throughput of 1.5 m3/h and up to 50 meters. It is equipped with a level probe and the additional air volume control makes the conveying even more efficient. The dense phase conveying can be carried out either as product-gentle plug conveying or thrust conveying. The Gericke STP 61 machine controller ensures trouble-free and fast commissioning and maximum conveying efficiency. Furthermore, communication with higher-level control systems is possible via interfaces such as Ethernet / IP, Profibus DP, Profinet RT and Modbus/TCP.

Due to the very compact design with a required height of only 660 mm, the PTA/PHF 20 conveyor sender is particularly suitable for installation under sack tipping and big bag stations, dust filters or storage containers. The sender requires very low maintenance as it has no rotating parts. Thus, it is also suitable as a replacement of more maintenance intensive rotary valves, which are used for lean phase conveying systems.

Depending on the product characteristics, throughput rates of up to 1.5 m3/h and distances of up to 50 m can be achieved. As a continuous double-conveyor system even throughputs of up to 8 m3/h are possible. Depending on the requirements, different versions of the conveyor system are available, such as food grade, high-temperature or wear-resistant versions and for explosive products.

The compact conveyor transmitter PTA / PHF 20 is suitable from fine powders up to granules of 15 mm. Even very light products with bulk densities of 0.1 kg/l up to very heavy steel balls of 5 kg/l have already been conveyed successfully. Examples of conveyed products include sand, milk powder, nuts, salts, metal powders, additives, filter dusts and blasting agents.

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