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Self-Aligning Couplings

Tuf-Lok ring grip couplings are low cost, heavy-duty self-aligning couplings for either high pressure, to 150 psig, or full vacuum rated applications. Utilized in all industries where pipe ends need to be connected, they are ideal for pneumatic conveying systems as well as gas and liquid applications. These couplings install quickly and easily, reducing installation costs. They are available in 2-inch (50mm) through 10-inch (250mm) pipe sizes  and are made for use on plain end pipe or tube, regardless of pipe or tube wall thickness..Other features include self-grounding, vibration resistant, leak-proof, with an extremely high end pull for difficult applications. No machining or grooving is required to maintain pipe integrity. Every coupling becomes a union, providing easy, low-cost maintenance when piping components need replacement. Standard gasket materials are available to meet special design conditions, such as food grade, higher temperatures or special chemical resistant applications. 

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