VEGA level and pressure controls and instrumentation

When it comes to reliable, cost effective level and pressure solutions, you can count on VEGA as your partner. As a leader in bulk solids and liquid level measurement, they don’t just innovate, they focus and consolidate technology breakthroughs and constantly refine product performance to deliver the best value and business outcomes for customers.

VEGA manufacture a range of (both contact and non-contact) level sensors and point level switches as well as pressure sensors for all aspects of bulk solids (and liquids) processing, handling and storage. Level controls for applications in silo’s, hoppers, chutes, bins, multi compartments, crushers, conveyors and stockpile level. In industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, plastics, aggregates, biomass and food manufacture.

VEGA are committed to reducing costs and increasing plant availability reliability – through higher level measurement certainty, in challenging, dusty environments even during filling or emptying, from tall narrow silos or short range hoppers whether under pressure or high temperatures. This is achieved with their renowned non-contact radar level sensors, which is yet again revolutionising level measurement for bulk solids handling. Their non contact sensors provide easy, convenient installation along with incredibly simple set up.

It’s not just about bulk solids, but liquid levels too. In tanks for products as diverse as bitumen, chemicals, fuels and additives, along with MCERTS open channel flow for drainage effluent or waste-water volume measurements.

Pressure controls are available for pressurized vessels, pipes, filters and conveying systems, as well as for silo pressure safety monitoring with associated alarm panels. They manufacture a full range of transmitters for gauge, relative, absolute and differential measurement, including fully flush, hard-wearing overload resistant ceramic-cell technology to providing a much longer life, reducing maintenance costs associated with measurement drift, blockages, and plant shut downs.

For the ultimate in non-contact mass flow measurement, they also offer externally mounted, non invasive conveyor mass-weighing systems, which can be used for virtually any type of bulk handling conveyor, these reduce costs from installation and removing the need for regular mass-weight recalibration. They provide all the direct support for operation of the systems, including specialist surveys, commissioning and annual system testing.

Remote inventory control for bulk solids or liquids storage on your site, or at a remote site, whether for timely supply or goods or removal of waste by products can be used virtually anywhere. From sensor to software it is all taken care of by one manufacturer.

Project engineering and service support is also an important factor for customers. An array of bespoke panels, solar power systems and special engineering and mountings all with associated design and testing are available. Their service department, measured by direct customer and quality feedback, is one of the best in sector – with a network of experienced engineers across the country assisting with customer needs.

This wide array of technology, service and expertise, means that VEGA can provide a solution, in even the most arduous and demanding applications. They are always happy to do on-site consulting, testing and trials on your challenging applications. All sensor ranges now have Bluetooth technology options, enabling safe convenient set up and maintenance using a free App for smartphone or tablet.

New products and innovations are always on the horizon, watch out for exciting product debuts in 2020. Not only that, a new investment in a UK head office and training centre for better service to their customers is also beginning construction, which shows that VEGA are always ‘Looking Forward’.

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