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Vortex European Office Obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification

DARLINGTON, UK – As of December 2017, Vortex Global Limited has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Vortex Global’s parent company, Salina Vortex Corporation, made a recent announcement that it too had obtained ISO 9001:215 certification. Previously, Vortex Global was certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and has been ISO-certified since its establishment in 2007. ISO 9001 is an... Read More
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Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valve from Posi-flate

An inflatable seated butterfly valve designed for dry bulk solids or liquid slurry applications is available from Posi-flate. The valve is ideally suited for abrasive materials such as sand, feldspar, fly ash and most other dry, granular materials, which reduce valve life. The inflatable seat design provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the seat against the... Read More

Posi-flate Gate Lock Valve Assembly

The Gate Lock Valve Assembly by Posi-flate is a low cost and low maintenance alternative to the traditional rotary airlock feeder and provides a positive seal that can accommodate either full vacuum or pressure up to 100 PSIG. The air-operated seat inflates to provide a long-lasting high integrity seal and easily handles high cycling of dry granular or fine powdered... Read More

Vortex Valves Used to Replace Inconsistent Flap Diverters

It is not unusual for a flour mill to have problems with in-line flap diverters when installed in a pneumatic conveying system. There are several problems inherent in the design, as the soft seals around the flap are exposed to direct blast abrasion from grist or wheat flour. This can create significant pressure drops in the conveying system, as well... Read More

How to Select the Right Valve

Many people think that selecting a slide gate or diverter for handling dry material should be a relatively simple process. They typically assume the only information they need is: Size of the opening Shape of the opening Available stack-up height Matching connections or hole patterns But in reality, valve suppliers need more information to accurately select the right valve for... Read More

4 Reasons Not To Use Butterfly Valves When Handling Dry Material

Not Designed for Dry Material Butterfly valves are not designed to handle dry bulk solids. They were designed for gas and liquid applications. The abrasiveness of dry bulk solids erodes away on butterfly valves to the point where they no longer properly seal and need to be replaced. Disk Impedes Material Flow Stream The butterfly valve design places the valve’s disc... Read More

All Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

Posi-flate has introduced an inflatable seated butterfly valve with a highly polished 316 stainless steel housing and disc. It is suitable for many applications, such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical, and is available sizes from 2” (50mm) to 20” (500mm). The inflatable seat design of the Posi-flate butterfly valve provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the... Read More

Selecting 2-Way Diverter Valves For Your Pneumatic Conveying System

Selecting a diverter valve for your pneumatic conveying application can be a difficult task, especially when you consider the different designs and manufacturers. Proper selection and application of diverter valves can offer improved plant efficiency, adding to a company's overall profits while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.  Factors to Consider  Cost Issues: The purchase price of a diverter valve is... Read More

Two big custom valves in a hurry

European Gate Valves were approached in February 2014 to submit a tender for a project that was about to start as the intended bidder after 12 months design, negotiation and consultation told the customer at the last minute they could not meet the deadline set. They were given a fixed delivery date and budget to work with and very little... Read More